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NOV 2011 - SLC, UT

SOUTH JORDAN — When she was just 11 years old, Nadia Lawrence decided she wanted to do something tangible to help bring soldier daddies home.

     She felt badly for all the little girls everywhere who didn't and wouldn't have their dads with them for Christmas.

So she wrote a Christmas song about bringing daddy home even though her own father was not a soldier and was home with her. Her parents helped her record the song onto a CD and she began working to find ways to honor the soldiers killed in combat.

     "I felt great empathy for those girls whose fathers couldn't come home for Christmas," Lawrence said. "I'd been singing for as long as I can remember, and I realized I had something to give. There was something I could do."

She worked with Steve James, Anjie Mickelsen and Marshall McDonald to get...

NOV 2013 - PROVO, UT

BYU RADIO - Vocal Artist and founding member of the Daddy Come Home Foundation Nadia Lawrence joined us on the show to talk about her work for the foundation and to share her song "Daddy Come Home."  Rod and Kerry joined us for Parent Previews to talk Man of Steel, Turbo, and Thor: The Dark World.  Dr. Scott Hammond, a professor at Utah State University, joined us to talk about his book "Lessons of the Lost: Finding Hope and Resilience in Work, Life, and the Wilderness."  Professor Adrian Ivakhiv of the University of Vermont joined us on the phone to talk about the relationship between ecology and the moving image


Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff will speak at LDS Business College today in a tribute to fallen soldiers sponsored by the Daddy Come Home Foundation.

The tribute ceremony will honor Private First Class Jordan Byrd, Corporal Raphael Rodrigues Arruda, Private First Class Aaron Thomas Nemelka, Lieutenant Corporal Nigel Olsen and their families.

Nadia Lawrence, founder of the Daddy Come Home Foundation, works through the Survivor Outreach Services of the National Guard to select honorees.

“When you read their stories, they’re all heroes,” Lawrence said in a news release. “That’s what we focus on. We want to express our gratitude, and celebrate their lives and the heroes they’ve become.”

The money raised pays for plaques for the soldier’s families and presentation expenses, including vocal tributes and speakers. Lawrence said she chose Shurtleff to speak because of his support of families.



Sister Lawrence is 20 years old. She’s a warm and vibrant personality—the type who’s never met a stranger. She has a good sense of humor, a great laugh and a raspy voice that’s quite entrancing when she’s translating for us. Her Spanish is clear and flawless, and her manner sincere. She not only clearly translates medical questions and technical information between the doctors, team members and patients, she’s also quick to help a patient sit down, stand up or move to the next station. It’s just second nature for her, and I’ve seen many of the other LDS translators do the same.

Born and raised in South Jordan, Utah, Hermana Lawrence has been in Peru for six months so she still has another year to go in her missionary assignment. She is one of about 250 LDS missionaries stationed in Lima at any given time.

When I asked her about her time with our team so far this week, she responded with an enthusiastic  “I love it!” She said “it’s one thing to get to visit in a tourist area, but it’s another thing to really get to live with the people, to sit down with them and really get to know them...

JAN 2014 - SLC, UT

KSL TV CLIP - Hanshi Darren Cox is a 13-time National Black Belt League World Champion.  He started training in the martial arts at age seven, and has continued for more than 30 years.   

He now is the owner of All-Star Karate in Draper, and is the director of the martial arts program for four different locations through Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation.

Cox says karate can protect children, women and men safe from attackers, and can give them more self confidence.

On Midday, Cox brought two of his students to demonstrate some women's self defense moves.

Kensei Corum Jensen is a two-time National Black Belt League world Champion.  He is also a full time instructor of karate at All-star Karate.

Nadia Lawrence is a full time student at BYU.  She also runs a non-profit organization for military families and loves karate.


I had the pleasure of working with Nadia Lawrence, a bright young lady, who's song "Daddy Come Home" is coming to cd.


They did a fantastic job of bringing the spirit of the whole project together for her cd coverart.


It was a great afternoon of shooting.


Nadia's mother accompanied her to the shoot and was so sweet and supportive.


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