Nadia Khristean Bio

Nadia creates music for causes such as Foster Care, Suicide Prevention, Drug Addiction, Anti-Bullying, Inner Beauty, Child sex trafficking, Families of Fallen Soldiers... to mention a few. The organizations she works with gain a lot of awareness and see increased donations to their cause as a result of her partnerships with them.   

She not only songwrites and performs, but frequently presents to Time out for Women, youth groups, and in high school assemblies. She is an engaging speaker and dynamic performer.

Nadia has a huge heart, and is a friend to everyone she meets. She is Passionate about making a difference.


Connecting with Nadia on social media makes it possible for you and so many of her  other followers to continue to make a difference in the lives of so many people in crisis in our communities.   

Nadia Khristean Timeline


  • At age 7 she began songwriting.

  • At age 15, she co-founded the "Daddy Come Home" Foundation and recorded her first single professionally.

  • She worked with scholastic teachers and students to hold fundraisers selling her CD, to put on ceremonies honoring the families of fallen soldiers.

  • She organized and performed in 4 ceremonies (2010-2013) at LDS Business College with political leaders such as, Attorney Mark Shurtleff, and Senator Chris Buttars and others.  

  • She spoke at a Radio Show in Brigham Young University on what drives her to keep running the foundation.  

  • She ran “You are Beautiful” Programs in Utah County, Salt Lake Valley and Peru.  

  • She was honored by the Utah National Compact Organization (2012) and "Where Much is Given" foundation (2013).  

  • She recorded 3 music video’s through Soularium Studios and Go Big Films (2014).  Each song is directed towards a cause, such as Anti-Bullying, inner beauty in women, abused children, families of fallen soldiers, how small acts make a difference...etc.  

  • Accepted into BYU’s Commercial Music Program with Award-Winning Producers Ron Saltmarsh and Aaron Merrill.

  • She served a LDS Mission in Lima, Peru (2014 - 2015) where she did many flash mob performances on buses and piano's in parks.  

  • She arranged music for and directed 10 choirs for religious conferences in Peru (2014 - 2015).  

  • She recently released her Christmas Music video for the LDS Church campaign #ASaviorIsBorn (2015).  

  • Created a popular ad campaign for Utah Foster Care (2017).

  • Is a Freedom4All Ambassador for Operation Underground Railroad (2017).

  • Works closely with Hope 4 Utah and the Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition to promote their messages

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