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"Warrior Within You" Assemblies (Anti-Bullying)

Believe it or not, Nadia Khristean was also severly bullied from elementary school and into middle school.  She decided to take a step back, realize who she wanted to be and not take in consideration the opinion of others.  This led her to a turning point in her life, creating wonderful years in High School and the spark of her career of making a difference through music and public speaking.  It was in High School that she rediscovered her dream and headed up the starting of the Daddy Come Home Foundation.  


Nadia is Passionate about sharing her experience with others and how she overcame it.  She does this through her "Warrior Within You" Anti-Bullying Assemblies for Elemtary, Middle and High Schools.  She engages the students to think of their own solutions for bullying, not only at school but in their personal lives.  The causes for bullying often doesn't start at school but their own personal struggles outside of school.  Nadia gives a captivating performance through her "Warrior Within You" song while sharing her experience!

Behind the Scenes... 

In Nadia's Words:

"We got together with Go Big Films (Utah Music Awards of 2015 for Cinematography) and we rounded about 30 middle school and high school aged friends of my siblings to shoot this video.  We started by discussing the bullying they see in their own schools.  I shared my experience of being bullied and how I overcame it by recognizing who I really wanted to be and not care what others thought of it.  Also by recognizing that each of us go through our own battles in life and a real warrior sees that and helps them, rather than tease them.  We asked who was being bullied and also some even admitted that they were the bully.  We discussed what we could do to change that.  Some of them spoke up in tears, others quietly self-reflecting what they could change.  We realized that each of us have our own icebergs and we can only see the tip.  Then with that backdrop in our minds we shot the video. 


We had several bullying scenes featuring a specific young girl that was bullied in an outward manner and in a cyber-bullied manner. We asked them to each write their biggest struggle in their life on a brick.  We had each of them carry their brick or "burden" in their bags and in a section of the video they each pull them out, revealing to the victims, stand by's, and bullies that we are all going through struggles.  This moment filmed was real, with real struggles with real kids, not actors.  It was a touching moment for all of us.  Many of us walked away changed.  We have had similar experiences with other video's and we want to keep making a difference, even if it's just a drop in the ocean."







Every single one of us has a story, we all have something we are going through that makes us feel like we are in a constant battle with life but when we are in battle and we fall, we have 2 choices we can make, we can stay on the ground and give up, or stand up and be a Warrior. I believe that there is a warrior within each and every one of us. Every single person brings something unique into this world. It doesn't matter who you are, what you've done or what you're going through, YOU are a Warrior- It is up to you to choose to release that inner Warrior, or to stay down and give up. There's so much bullying going on these days...Every one's getting on each other and tearing each other apart. This is for you, the victim, the bully, or the bystander. Each one of us can be going through rough times, and maybe those battles that we're fighting will affect, how we treat the people around us. Take a double look before you send that text, before you post that comment, before you hurt someone perhaps without knowing. Remember that they have a battle that they're fighting too. If you're the victim, never forget who you are, what you stand for. No matter how much it hurts, never ever give up, because "God don't make no mistakes" and you have so much to offer. So keep fighting and don't you give up!! Most of all, I want to talk to all of us who see someone getting bullied but are afraid to say something. A battle isn't won by 1 individual. It is won by a team, a group that believes in each other and never leaves someone behind. The most Elite Warrior, is a Warrior who brings the best out of those around them to successfully win a battle. So when you see someone getting hurt, have each other's back, stand up, say something, be who you know you truly are. You are a Warrior, so hang in there, Stand Strong, Bring out the best in others....But most of all, Don't Give Up!!

Warrior Within You 

In Nadia's Words:
JR Brookins, The Warrior-

JR is 17 years old.  He was diagnosed with Autism when he was 8 years old.  His psychologist recommended we get him into karate as a way to complement autistic characteristics.  The repetitive nature of katas are second nature to the autistic person.  It is also a great sport to develop social skills.  He has been studying karate for 6 years with All Star Karate and competes in tournaments in the western states.  He is close to earning his black belt.  JR has won 4 Grand Champions and he is a 14 time State Champion.  

JR attended an autistic school for three years and is now mainstreamed into a traditional school.  He is on the honor roll and maintains a 3.9 grade point average.  He got the Patriot award and has been on the Honor Roll every year since 7th grade.He is studying computer programming and hopes to be a video game designer when he graduates from college.  He volunteers at the animal shelter.  He just earned his welding certificate and participated in Code Camp at Dixie State College.


Photos of JR Brookins, The Warrior, Music Video Shoot

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